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Our Teachers

Mr Gareth Hamilton


Mr Hamilton took over as Principal of Moyle Primary School and Nursery Unit in September 2017, after previously working as Principal of Sunnylands Primary School in Carrickfergus, for nearly six years. Mr Hamilton is committed to working alongside the excellent staff at Moyle to continue building upon the excellent standard of education in the school and maintaining a caring supportive environment, where he knows children can thrive. Mr Hamilton chairs the Senior Leadership Team.

Mrs Marian Mann

Vice Principal

Mrs Marian Mann is a native of Larne and has spent most of her teaching career at Moyle Primary School, teaching P1 for many years before moving to teach in our Learning Support Centre when a new class was added. After completing her Masters in Education, Mrs Mann applied for the post of Vice Principal in Moyle PS in 2017 and was successful.
Mrs Mann wears many hats within the school, as well as her Vice Principal role, she is our Special Educational Needs Coordinator and leads our Learning Support Centre.

Mrs Alison Ford-Hutchinson

P5/Senior Teacher

Mrs Ford-Hutchinson is a former pupil of Moyle Primary School and is the second generation of her family to teach at the school. As well as teaching Primary 5, Mrs Ford-Hutchinson heads up the Literacy team, oversees Key Stage 2 and looks after assessment for the whole school. Mrs Ford-Hutchinson is a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Mrs Caroline Wilkin

P1/Senior Teacher

Mrs Wilkin, formerly Miss Higginson teaches P1 and heads up Pastoral Care within Moyle Primary School. As part of that role she is Designated Teacher for Child Protection and is helped by Miss Montgomery to ensure there are lots of caring and fun interventions for our children in school. Mrs Wilkin is also a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Miss Nicola Blain


Miss Blain teaches our two Nursery classes, a morning class and an afternoon class and is one of our Deputy Designated Teachers for Child Protection and a member of our Pastoral Team.

Miss Aimee Montgomery

P1 Teacher

Miss Montgomery joined our staff in September 2022 and teaches Primary 1 alongside Mrs Webster. Miss Montgomery is from Carrickfergus and has a strong background in drama which she uses to support Miss Wallace with our choir and in leading our P1 performances. Miss Montgomery is also part of our Pastoral Team and looks after some of our great interventions such as Friendship Club and Amigos. Miss Montgomery is also one of our Deputy Designated Teachers for Child Protection and is a good point of contact if you have any concerns about a Moyle pupil.

Mrs Judith Webster

P1 Teacher

Mrs Webster is from Northern Ireland but taught in Scotland for a few years before returning to Northern Ireland to teach at Moyle Primary School. Mrs Webster heads up the Foundation Stage and is the Teacher Tutor within MPS, looking after new teachers.

Mrs Nichola Ames

P2 Teacher

Mrs Ames teaches P2 in Moyle Primary School having been a member of Moyle staff since she left college.

Mrs Barbara Johnston

P2 Teacher

Mrs Johnston is a former pupil of Moyle Primary School, and has taught at the school for the majority of her career, so she knows when she is onto a good thing. Mrs Johnston loves organising outside play within Foundation Stage and teaching P2.

Miss Chloe Haddock

P3 Teacher

Miss Haddock joined the Moyle staff in 2023 after graduating from teaching. She also had her placement in P3 the previous academic year.

Mrs Rachel Simpson

P3 Teacher

Mrs Simpson has taught in Moyle for many years now, and enjoys focusing on teaching P3 after taking a break from her many previous responsibilities in school life.

Mrs Amy Coleman

P4 Teacher

Mrs Coleman came to Moyle Primary School as a student, then a job came up after she finished and therefore has taught at Moyle Primary School for her whole teaching career . Mrs Coleman coaches our hockey team alongside Mrs McKay.

Miss Hannah Taylor

P4 Teacher

Miss Taylor teaches P4 as well as being the PE Coordinator for the school, including organising Sports Day!

Mrs Aimee Duncan

P5 Teacher

Mrs Duncan teaches P5 alongside Mrs Weatherup.

Mrs Sarah Weatherup

P5 Teacher

Mrs Weatherup teaches P5 alongside Mrs Duncan, and also looks after Staff Wellness throughout the school.

Miss Nicola Curran

P6 Teacher

Miss Curran teaches P6 and looks after Art within Moyle Primary School, organising competitions and making sure the teachers have exciting displays on their walls.

Mr Christopher Crowe

P6 Teacher

Mr Crowe joined the team at Moyle in August 2019 returning to Northern Ireland after training in England. He has experience of working in schools in East Antrim in various capacities and takes the school football team. Mr Crowe is also the school's ICT Coordinator.

Miss Heather Cochrane

P7 Teacher

Born and raised in Canada, Miss Cochrane has lived in the United Kingdom for a number of years. She teaches P5 as well as coordinating our Shared Education Partnership programme.

Miss Gillian Wallace

P7 Teacher

Miss Wallace is the school's Music Coordinator within the school, leading the school choir, and teaches Primary 7.

Miss Chloe Lynas

LSC1 Teacher

Miss Lynas joined the Moyle staff in 2022 and as well as teaching a Learning Support Class, she is part of the ICT team, looking after the school website and Facebook page.

Miss Naomi Campbell

LSC2 Teacher

Miss Campbell joined Moyle staff on a permanent basis in September 2022. As well as teaching one of our Learning Support Classes, Miss Campbell coordinates the World Around Us throughout the school.

Mrs Rebecca Spencer

LSC3 Teacher

Mrs Spencer joined the staff of Moyle Primary School in 2022 and teaches one of our LSC classes. She also is part of the World Around Us team, focusing on the Eco schools aspect of the curricular area.

Mrs Jill McKay

Intervention Teacher

Mrs McKay works with children in small groups, targeted to support Numeracy and Literacy, mainly supporting pupils from P4 and P5. Mrs McKay also supports EAL children within school.

Mrs Allysoun Saunders

Intervention Teacher

Mrs Saunders works with children in small groups targeted to support Numeracy and Literacy. Mrs Saunders mainly supports pupils from Nursey, P1 and P2.

Mrs Lucinda McCluskey

Intervention Teacher

Mrs McCluskey works with children in small groups targeted to support Numeracy and Literacy. Mrs McCluskey mainly supports pupils from P5, P6 and P7.